The Cherokee Moons and Honored Days

This is the Harvest Moon

This is the time of the Great New Moon Ceremony when thanks is given to the Earth Mother, Mother Selu, Lord Kanati, and the Creator. The Great New Moon Ceremony is held in this month as this is the first month of the civil calendar. The Great New Moon marks that beginning. It is believed by many that humans were created during this moon.

"Who are the Elders ?"

It seems that there are many people these days who are trying to find a spirituality that they can believe in. For whatever reason, we are beginning to pay more attention to our spirit and to our direction in life. Many of us have found ourselves drawn to the First Nations beliefs, perhaps because they are seen as clean and pure, and based on the simpler times that we all seem to miss.

What or Who Is an Indian Giver? A History of the Offensive Term

To many of us, such phrases as “Teacher, Billy gave me the ball, now he wants it back! He’s being an Indian giver!” are too often heard in school. But where did the term come from? The literal history of where the word originates is a bit murky, but perhaps this article can shed a some light on some pre-conceived notions.

First, some modern-day definitions. Merriam-Webster’s defines an Indian giver as “sometimes offensive: a person who gives something to another and then takes it back or expects an equivalent in return.”
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